The civilian Flexible Work Program has recently been updated to continue supporting the flexible, varied and virtual civilian population of the Defence Team workforce. We are pleased to announce the development of a portal for managers to view all Flexible Work Agreements (FWA) for their employees and to provide employees an opportunity to view their own agreement on file.

  • It is important to keep an employees’ Flexible Work Agreement up to date. Details are now available to managers for their own employees through a new SharePoint portal which can be found here: Flexible Work Program – Managers Portal Page
  • If you and your employee have discussed and agreed to changes in your employee’s flexible arrangements, then as the manager you can go into the portal, click on the edit button for that employee, verify what is currently on file and submit changes to the employee’s arrangement. If the employee will be working a hybrid of remote work and working at a DND workplace please report an average in a two week period of a typical period of time in the workplace and working remotely.
  • The original agreements must be kept to maintain the attestations that both the employee and manager made on the original form. Managers can keep their own copy of an additional page of expectations/objectives and/or pertinent details discussed between their employee and themselves if they feel the need.  
  • Managers can inactivate an agreement if an employee has left DND or if the employee has changed teams or manager.
  • If a new Flexible Work Agreement is required (e.g. new manager or new employee), the employee must complete a new form here, opening it in Internet Explorer (and not Edge or Chrome) and submit to their manager. 

A Flexible Work Agreement is mandatory for civilian employees who currently have or are requesting a flexible work arrangement and includes situations where employees have been directed to work from home. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and approvals are at the manager’s discretion. The form is initiated by the requesting employee and approved by their manager.

By making good use of the resources and setting clear expectations, you play a valuable role in shifting workplace culture, and embracing innovative workplace strategies.

For more information, please first contact HR Connect RH online or call 1-833-RHR-MDND (1-833-747-6363). Thank you for your support in ensuring the continuous development of a more modern, mobile and flexible workforce!