Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Michael Hawthorn passed the torch of Formation Sergeant Major (FSM) to CWO Dave Hudon during a change of appointment ceremony at 5th Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown on 5 June 2024.

During his departure speech, CWO Hawthorn quoted US Navy SEAL, Admiral William H. McRaven, saying “it is difficult to paddle a boat without synchronization” and thanked the Command team, his family, and colleagues for being great boat-mates and for helping him paddle through some rough waters. He also wished FSM Hudon the best with his new appointment and expressed his complete faith in FSM Hudon’s leadership. CWO Hawthorn ended his speech by reminding the audience to “keep negativity out of their daily lives” and to continue to carry on their service with enthusiasm and positivity.

 CWO Hawthorn was an inspirational leader who demonstrated strong discipline, integrity, and patience during his three-year tenure as FSM at 5th Canadian Division Support Group. Colonel Parent, Base Commander of 5 CDSB Gagetown, praised CWO Hawthorn’s service, referring to him as “a great source for assurance who provided invaluable patience, advice, and council” to the Command team.

 FSM Hudon wished CWO Hawthorn the best with his future appointment in Latvia and reiterated CWO Hawthorn’s exceptional leadership over the past three years indicating that he has some “big shoes to fill.” FSM Hudon stated that he will put “all his energy in providing support to the base commander” and will carry on with positivity and a strong belief in 5 CDSB Gagetown’s personnel and capabilities.

 The ceremony concluded with the passing of the FSM pace-stick to CWO Hudon. 5 CDSB Gagetown congratulates FSM Hudon on his new appointment and thanks CWO Hawthorn for his three years of exemplary service, leadership and guidance.

2Lt Raghav Sharma