The Maritime Hockey Leagues paid homage to the Canadian Armed Forces(CAF) with two enthralling games during the Period of Remembrance, celebrating our military’s valor. The Fredericton Red Wings and the Miramichi Timberwolves clashed at the Grant Harvey Centre, on November 9 in a spirited match. This was followed by a lively game between the Saint John Sea Dogs and Charlottetown Islanders at TD Station on November 12.

These events transcended the thrill of hockey, showing the respect and unity found between our national sport and national heroes. Pregame ceremonies, attended by dignitaries and the base commander, honored the CAF, reflecting the shared values of courage and teamwork found in hockey and military service alike.

As fans cheered, there was a palpable sense of gratitude felt for those who serve, a reminder of the sacrifices made for Canada. These games paid tribute to hockey and the unbreakable bond between our heroes and our community, showing the spirit of Canada and remembrance for our fallen heroes.