5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown has scheduled its annual Spring Burning Program to begin 1 April and conclude 20 May, 2024.

The program is necessary to reduce the highly flammable dry dead grass on various ranges, impact areas and manoeuvre areas. The ranges and impact areas are utilized for live fire (weapons) training.

Early spring burning will diminish the likelihood of grass fires occurring later in the season when conditions are drier, and the fire hazard is much higher.

All areas scheduled for controlled burning are located within the Base’s Range and Training Area.

Burning will be carried out during normal working hours on days when weather conditions are suitable. Some weekend burning may occur.

Daily updates will be available throughout the burn period by calling the Base Gagetown Public Information Line at 1-877-893-5500.

For more information, please contact the Base Gagetown Public Affairs office

at 506-422-2466 or gagepublicaffairs@forces.gc.ca.