How do I participate in the challenge?   

To register send an email to:   

STEP 1: Find a partner. Military personnel, DND employees and families.   

STEP 2: Record your daily steps. Do this every day starting on 20 June and ending at midnight 26 June. 

STEP 3: Tally your steps with your partner.   

STEP 4: Submit total steps.   

Email the combined total steps to 

by 1200 hrs on 30 June 2022 to qualify for prizes.   

 Use whatever step tracking device you have access to. This can be a FitBit, a Garmin, etc. Most phones record your steps (for example, iPhone records under “Health” app). There are also many free pedometer apps you can download to your phone.   Don’t have a smart phone or pedometer?  Sign one out at Health Promotion! 

Good luck!