The New Brunswick Military History Museum (NBMHM) recently celebrated the grand opening of the Royal New Brunswick Regiment Gallery. This historic milestone occurred on the evening of October 26, 2023, seeing a blend of distinguished military and government guests coming out to honor the province’s new military heritage.

The museum’s Executive Director, David Hughes spoke offering welcoming remarks, and expressing his gratitude to those who supported the gallery’s creation. His introduction set the stage for a series of tributes by military and government speakers, who took turns to honor the museum. 

The highlight of the evening came with the ribbon cutting ceremony, a privilege given to the honourable Brenda Murphy, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick. This was followed by the first ever tour of the gallery, with saw guests immersing themselves in the exhibits that narrate the bravery and service of the Royal New Brunswick Regiment. 

The gallery doors now stand open to the public, as a source of pride for the community. This commemorates New Brunswick Military History and celebrates the legacy left behind by the Royal New Brunswick Regiment. A fine enrichment to the Museum.