The vaccination rate against COVID-19 is very high among Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. Due to this, CAF members are well-protected. Our high vaccination rate, combined with well-adhered-to public health measures, has made our work environments much safer.

However, as our understanding of the virus and how best to protect the CAF progresses, and as new variants of COVID-19 are detected in Canada and around the world, additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be recommended for all eligible CAF members. At this time, “full vaccination” status remains aligned with Health Canada guidance, and for most individuals that means a two-dose series of a Health Canada approved vaccine. The additional dose is currently only considered a public health recommendation.

Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS) is closely monitoring the COVID-19 variant situation and working with Canadian civilian public health agencies to ensure all appropriate prevention measures remain in place. 

Currently, CFHS is providing third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for those who are considered high risk, front-line health care workers, and those with operational requirements. The CAF is planning for third doses of mRNA vaccines for all remaining eligible CAF members and other eligible individuals in early 2022. The additional doses will be rolled out in a phased approach based on evolving recommendations, risk assessment, supply, and the number of staff available to vaccinate. 

I encourage you to speak with your chain of command if you have any questions or concerns. While information regarding these additional vaccine doses will be communicated by the local Health Services clinics, the COVID-19 vaccines for Defence Team members webpage will also be updated with the most current information.     

Major-General Marc Bilodeau
Surgeon General, Canadian Armed Forces                                

Thank you and stay safe and healthy!